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NEWS : Shop construction details, what's in what's planned, and what's finished.

Our Shoppe

We make various items and textures for virtual gaming in Second Life. Check out the SL marketplace to see what we have available.

Frequently, we put interesting finds, and curious things up for sale on Ebay.

Dark lifestyle magazine, with a focus on the haunted and paranormal.

A series of young adult, light horror, Gothic adventure stories we're working on.

We volunteer to help others find missing loved ones graves and histories.

Our "Cemetery Goth" page, where a group of devoted Graveyard Rabbits, share their cemetery stories and photos.

The renowned group of dusty poetry writers, readers and shadowy figures that rose to popularity in Baltimore back in the 1980's.

Our music projects:

A sadcore musical project with a focus on ghost stories.

The music project of artist Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn. The music features rich soundscapes, perfect for ritual or meditation...always free to download and share.

The music project of Mizdimma DeSade, full of dark soundscapes and sinister pathways. Listen in the dark. ;)

Our art galleries and portfolios:

The artwork of Arijah on DeviantArt. Commissions and licensing available.

The artwork of Mizdimma DeSade. Commissions and licensing available.


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